audio journeys

audio journeys


The score for streetwaves is constructed in such a way that the different waves sound in a way that guides the listener.  Rather than occurring randomly, the sounds appear to move slowly along the street emanating from the next available shop window.  In this way the tuned-in listener is able to predict the sounds’ journey and be able adjust how they themselves move through the installation accordingly.  In fact, the installation has four of these journeys happening simultaneously along the 200m stretch of street, and so wherever the listener is they won’t be that far away from the next audio event.

Of course, these audio journeys happen quite slowly and so it would be possible for someone to walk quickly down the street and miss the installation completely; however, for those that take their time it isn’t long before the high street appears to be alive with the quietly moving sounds.

This evening doubled as the official launch of my streetwaves installation and also the umbrella Encounter project (of which streetwaves is a part).  I was happy to note that the installation was very well received with everyone commenting on its effectiveness.